Community Outreach

The Community Outreach & Prevention Education Program (COPEP) is designed to educate the public about cancer prevention and the importance of early detection and screening. The program consists of an education and awareness session on cervical cancer, Breast cancer, Mouth cancer etc.  Each workshop aims to introduce basic knowledge of cancer, identifying risk factors and the common signs & symptoms while highlighting the importance of prevention and early detection as ways to reduce your risk of developing these cancers in the future.


Cervical Cancer Education

The Cervical Cancer Education Program (CCEP) focuses on raising awareness of cervical cancer prevention and is designed for female high school students. ACSG Health Educator conducts a 30-minute presentation on cervical cancer with awareness and prevention as key messages in order to have a positive influence on the young women.  The presentation incorporates the link between cervical cancer and exposure to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and includes information on the signs & symptoms, staging and screening.


A separate awareness brochure on cervical cancer with content for older women (+18 years old) is distributed among the students after each session as take-away material that can help share the information with friends and family.

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