Volunteering in an Orphanage in Ghana

About the program 

Volunteers support the children in their daily needs at the orphanage, helping them in their studies and guiding them. Volunteers will act as staff support to help with daily tasks that the local staff is overwhelmed to complete. The volunteers will also inspire the children by creating exciting activities for the children to do in their spare time, keeping them motivated and helping to create a safe and nurturing environment for the children to flourish. The workers and the volunteers are working together in a team, so it is necessary to be a team player and open minded to the Ghanaian culture. Being friendly, creative, spontaneous and for sure interested in the Ghanaian culture is essential for volunteering in the orphanage. Every day is different with new and exciting tasks and challenges. The children are looking forward to playing games and spend time with you!

Typical Day

In the morning the most of the children will be in school. Therefore volunteers have the opportunity to stay in the orphanage and do tasks like bathing, feeding, dressing and playing with the babies and toddlers or to assist the teachers in the school nearby the orphanage in the subjects English, Mathematics and Science. Educational activities can be introduced by the volunteers as well for a nurturing learning environment. The school going children will return to the orphanage around 1 pm. Volunteers will help to prepare lunch and rest time. The timetable for the rest of the day always includes exciting activities, such as sports, dances, art, cultural activities and watching films. To ensure success in their studies, volunteers will also take time to help individual children with their homework. Volunteers will then help the children wind down from an exciting day and help to prepare them for the next busy morning. 

Program Fees (US$)


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In your spare time in Ghana, there are plenty of enjoyable activities and experiences to pursue. Here are some suggestions:

  • Experience Traditional Culture: Engage with the vibrant local culture by attending traditional dance performances, participating in festivals, and visiting local markets to experience Ghanaian arts and crafts.
  • Explore National Parks: Discover Ghana’s diverse wildlife and natural beauty by visiting national parks like Mole National Park or Kakum National Park, where you can go on safaris and explore canopy walkways.
  • Try Ghanaian Cuisine: Sample delicious Ghanaian dishes like jollof rice, banku, kelewele, and fufu to savor the country’s unique flavors and culinary delights.
  • Attend Sporting Events: Ghana is passionate about sports, especially football (soccer). Attend a local football match to witness the fervor of Ghanaian sports fans.
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